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Ayako Fujioka 藤岡綾子

Senior Ballet Teacher 高級芭蕾舞導師
Hong Kong Youth Ballet Academy Teacher Ayako Fujioka
  • Senior Ballet Teacher of Hong Kong Youth Ballet Academy

  • Former Artistic Director of Asian Grand Prix International Ballet Competition

  • Former Artistic Director of Youth Ballet of Asia

  • Former Principal Dancer of The Hong Kong Ballet

  • Winner of Hokkaido Youth Arts Culture Award in Japan

  • 香港青年芭蕾舞專業訓練中心高級舞蹈教師

  • 亞洲國際芭蕾舞大賽前藝術總監

  • 亞洲青少年芭蕾舞團前藝術總監

  • 香港芭蕾舞團前首席舞蹈員

  • 日本北海道青年藝術文化奬得奬者

Ayako FUJIOKA is the award winner of the Science and Culture Award from the Hokkaido Youth Arts Centre and Culture Award from Ebetsu City. Born in Japan, FUJIOKA started ballet training in Sapporo Buyoukai. She received a scholarship from Compagnie de Ballet Daini Kudo to study in France in 1987.

She was the guest artist at the Gala Performance of Le Prix de Lausanne in Tokyo in 1989. She joined Tokyo Festival Ballet in 1991 and toured through U.S.A. FUJIOKA joined the Hong Kong Ballet in 1994 and was promoted to be principal dancer the following year. She danced in major repertoires including as Odette/ Odile in Swan Lake; Giselle in Giselle; Sugar Plum Fairy in Nutcracker; Lise in La Fille Mal Gardee; Cinderella in Cinderella; Gamzatti/ Nikaya in La Bayadere; Belle in Beauty and the Beast; Snow Queen in Snow Queen; Wendy in Peter Pan; and White couple in Les Patineurs, etc. She was awarded Best Performance in a Solo Role, Dancer, Dancer of the Season, Performance of the Year in a Character Role, and Outstanding Achievement in Dancer’s Awards, held by the Friends of Hong Kong Ballet. She was featured in The Hong Kong Dance Hall of Fame by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

FUJIOKA is a dedicated ballet educator since 2002. She is the Ballet Mistress of Hong Kong Youth Ballet, the Major Teacher of Hong Kong Youth Ballet, and the Ballet Mistress of Asian Grand Prix International Ballet Competition.

藤岡綾子是北海道青年藝術中心科學與文化大奬及日本江別市文化大奬得主。出生於日本,藤岡氏於日本札幌舞踊會開始其芭蕾舞訓練。一九八七年獲得 Daini Kudo芭蕾舞團奬學金前往法國深造。一九八九年獲邀請於洛桑國際芭蕾舞大賽中表演。並於一九九一年出任東京節日芭蕾舞團舞蹈員並於美國巡回演出。



Swan Lake天鵝湖的 Odette/ Odile; Giselle吉賽爾的Giselle; Nutcracker胡桃夾子的糖花仙子; La Fille Mal Gardee女大不中留的Lise; Cinderella灰姑娘的 Cinderella; La Bayadere舞姬的 Nikiya/ Gamzatti; Beauty and the Beast 的 Belle; Snow Queen 的 Snow Queen; Peter Pan小飛俠的Wendy; Les Patineurs的White couple 等等。她更獲多個由香港芭蕾舞之友舉辦的舞蹈員奬項,包括:最佳獨舞角色、最佳性格年奬、最佳表現奬。她亦被香港藝術發展局舉辦的香港傑出舞䧟藝術家名錄上留名。


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