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Become Professional Dancer


Hanah Fjeiddahi
Hong Kong Youth Ballet Academy Hanah
Former Apprentice Dancer of the London Ballet Company 

Hong Kong Youth Ballet Academy (HKYBA, formerly L’Ecole de Jeune Ballet) has given me the exposure to professional level training, which has helped me increase awareness for areas of growth just as well as my strengths.  HKYBA has helped me grow as a dancer and also as a person. To be put into such a professional environment helped me nurture my skills and performance quality as a dancer. HKYBA has encouraged me to become a fighter. The high level training has given me numerous obstacles of challenge to overcome - attempting new technique, and always trying to be a better dancer than what you were the day before. The teachers are always comparing you to the past you - not other people. They have taught me the importance of creating competition within yourself, indent outside. The endless journey of practise and development is truly the art of ballet. This is something HKYBA has taught me and is rooted in me deeply. 

I have pursued my lifelong passion, ballet, since age 4 while striving to perform at school. When I graduated from high school, I had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to leverage my ballet achievements - so I went for it. I’ve spent a year dancing professionally with The London Ballet Company (TLBC). My experience at TLBC made me truly understand the inner workings of the field of performing arts - something I never knew dancing as a student. I learned the tough nature of the industry, as well as the ecstatic feelings of dancing on stage. Dancing in a small company like that, I was very involved in the whole process of a production. From choreography, to rehearsals, making costumes and sets, and even handing out flyers on streets! 

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