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Become Professional Dancer


Tirion Law
Hong Kong Youth Ballet Academy Tirion Law
National Ballet of Canada, Corp de Ballet   
加拿大國家芭蕾舞團群舞員 (2018-present)
Hong Kong Ballet, Corp de Ballet
香港芭蕾舞蹈團群舞員 (2015-2018)

I joined Hong Kong Youth Ballet Academy (formerly L’Ecole de Jeune Ballet) when I was 8 years old. I am blessed to grow up in this ballet school that is full of love and positive energy. My teachers were former principal dancers of the Hong Kong Ballet. They always shared their experiences with me for being a professional dancer. They also gave me lots of guidance, support, encouragement and opportunities for me to reach my childhood dream to become a ballet dancer.

I was awarded the Asian Grand Prix Award in 2012, and received a scholarship to study in the full-time program of the New Zealand School of Dance. In 2015, I joined the Hong Kong Ballet as an dancer, and in 2018 I joined National Ballet of Canada. The environment of my ballet company is very supportive. I really enjoy the life of a professional dancer. 

Although my dream has already come true, I do not stop but to let my body explore and improve my dancing. I continue to work hard everyday to become a mature dancer.  I decided to dance for my entire life.

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