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Allen LAM 林偉源

Contemporary Dance Teacher

Allen Lam is an accomplished choreographer and performer with a broad reaching talent covering classical ballet, contemporary and experimental dance. He has performed with several major dance companies in Hong Kong and the United States, including Hong Kong Ballet and ODC/San Francisco. In 2004, Allen founded Muse Motion where he continues to produce outstanding work in collaboration with visual artists, musicians, theatre director, actors and dancers from different cultural backgrounds.


林偉源 (Allen Lam)是一位出色的編舞家和表演者,在古典芭蕾舞,當代舞蹈和實驗舞蹈方面擁有廣泛的才華。 他曾在香港和美國的多家大型舞蹈團中演出,包括香港芭蕾舞團和ODC /舊金山。  2004年,林偉源(Allen)創立了Muse Motion舞蹈團,與來自不同文化背景的視覺藝術家,音樂家,劇院導演,演員和舞者合作,製作了無數傑出的作品。

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