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Attend Professional School


Pansy Lo

Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, 

香港演藝學院 (2010-2015)

Studying in Hong Kong Youth Ballet Academy (HKYBA) is the first turning point of my life. I really appreciate all the teacher's guidance, encouragement, and support, which helped to build up as a strong base for me to attend professional school. I like the system of HKYBA students are divided by talent and technical level, not by age. Teachers design exercises for the individual level of the class, and the focus is on strengthening student's weakness, not preparing for examination. All the teachers of HKYBA are former professional dancers from Hong Kong Ballet, they shared their life experience to me, gave me solid advices on how I could step closer to my dream of being a professional dancer.

Joining The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) is my dream and a very important step to become professional dancer.  I love the life of striving to be better, practice again and again. This made me stronger and guided me to become a mature dancer. The school also introduced me to contemporary dance, which is a very important turning point of my dance career.  

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