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Jun Mabaquiao

Body Conditioning Teacher 體能訓練教師
Hong Kong Youth Ballet Academy Character Dance Teacher Lo Sha

Jun is a professional choreographer, dancer, coach in dance and Pilates. A former Senior Soloist of Ballet Philippines, and Hong Kong Ballet since 1986, Jun has performed in numerous theatres all over Asia, Europe & America for 25 years. 

As a choreographer, Jun created a finale piece for the Cirque d’Soleil performers in 2012, and choreographed and performed for a Montblanc event in Shanghai. In 2013, he was invited to lecture Inter-Disciplinary Skills and create a dance piece for the graduating class students of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA). His other choreographies & production events include Moiselle-Hong Kong, Cartier-Shenyang, Montblanc-Hong Kong, and Vertu-Shanghai.


Jun further his choreography for students in several prominent schools, including the Chinese International School 30th Anniversary, Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC) for Hong Kong International School (HKIS), ‘Lux’ for the students at the HKAPA. Recently, he choreographed for HKIS for APAC Beijing, China in 2015 & Kobe, Japan in 2016.


Besides his expertise in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Contemporary Dance, Jun is also a Certified Dance Pilates Mat Instructor, who conducts private tuition & group classes at The Hong Kong Cricket Club & Hong Kong Country Club.


Jun is the co-founder of Steps Ahead Dance Production since 1999 alongside his partner, Fiona Brockway, an ex- Royal Ballet Junior Principal Dancer. This Company provides Choreography, Dancing & Producing for Musicals, Corporate Events, Fashion Shows, Product Launches & Commercial Events, School productions & Big Parties.

Jun MABAQUIAO為專業編舞、舞者和舞蹈及普拉提教練。他是菲律賓芭蕾舞團和於1986年加入的香港芭蕾舞團之高級獨舞員。25年來,他曾於眾多亞洲、歐洲及美國的劇場中演出。




Jun為多間著名院校的學生表演編舞,當中包括:漢基國際學校30週年表演以及香港國際學校的Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC) 及香港演藝學院《Lux》。在2015至2016年,他為香港國際學校於中國北京和日本神戶的APAC表演編舞。




Jun與前英國皇家芭蕾舞團初級首席舞蹈員Fiona Brockway共同於1999年創立Steps Ahead Dance Production,提供編舞、音樂劇舞蹈及製作,並舉辦企業活動、時裝表演、產品發佈會和商業活動、學校製作和派對等。

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