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Message to Open Class Students

If you have been to the following premises in November 2020, PLEASE GO THROUGH COVID-19 TEST TO PROVE NEGATIVE, AND SHOW US THE PROOF OF 14-DAY QUARANTINE COMPLETION.


1.   Starlight Dance Club
2.   Chassé
3.   Dance Concept
4.   More Dance Fame
5.   Dance Culture
6.   Dance Star Academy  香港明星舞蹈藝術學校
7.   DanzStage Dance Studio
8.   Heavenly Dance
9.   Shining Star Dance Studio
10. Green Apple International Dance School」
11. Hsin Kuang Banquet Hall  新光宴會廳
12. Matex Club  美德會
13. Palladium International Dance Club 百樂會懷舊歌舞
14. 金麗會
15. Betterment Banquet Hall  美孚君好宴會廳
16. 沙田新光宴會廳
17. 香港仔勁爆娛樂製作公司
18. 尖沙嘴世界舞蹈家演藝協會
19. Starway Music Studio  星河音樂室
20. Victor Yang Studio
21. 星輝宴會廳
22. Lucky Dragon Restaurant (Shek Kip Mei)
23. Lucky Dragon Palace Restaurant (Wong Tai Sin)
24. Bandstage Live Music (Wong Tai Sin)
25. Rendezvous Arts Center (Prince Edward)
26. A&B Dance Studio (Causeway Bay)
27. Philip Wain  菲力偉 (Miramar Shopping Centre, TST)
28. Philip Wain  菲力偉 ( Lee Garden Two, Causeway Bay)
29. Gravity Ballet (on or after 21 November 2020)
30. CCDC Dance Centre  CCDC 舞蹈中心

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