Class Viewing Day 家長觀課日

Dear all the parents/ guardian,

We welcome you to come and observe your child's class this weekend:

Saturday, 6th October

Studio A (big room)

9:15-10:15 Grade 1 by Ms. Pansy

10:15-11:15 Grade 2 by Ms. Pansy

11:15-12:30 Grade 6 by Ms. Ayako

12:30-13:30 Contemporary 1 by Ms. Pansy

13:30-15:00 Senior/ Pro by Mr. Mike

Studio B (small room)

9:15-10:00 L1/2 by Ms. Tiffany

10:00-10:45 PP by Ms. Tiffany

10:45-11:30 P by Ms. Tiffany

11:30-12:30 G4 by Mr. Mike

12:30-13:30 G3 by Ms. Tiffany

13:30-14:30 G5 by Ms. Eriko

Sunday, 7th October

Studio A

11:00-12:30 Senior by Ms. Ayako

12:30-13:30 Contemporary 2 by Ms. Rebecca

13:30-15:00 Pro by Ms. Eriko

Studio B

10:00-10:45 L1/2 and PP by Ms. Pansy

10:45-11:30 P by Ms. Pansy

Please note, photo shooting and video recording are not allowed inside of the studio.

And due to the limited space of the studio we only can invite TWO of the family members per student in maximum.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

If you are not taking Saturday or Sunday classes, we can arrange replacement classes, please let us know which day to replace.

If you have any question or queries, please feel free to contact us.

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