Virginia Bing 尹冰
B.Soc.Sc., DipMus
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  • Co-founder of Hong Kong Youth Ballet Academy

  • founder & Chairlady of Hong Kong Youth Ballet

  • President of Asian Grand Prix International Ballet Competition

  • Honorary Advisor of Hong Kong City Choir 

  • Operatic Soprano

  • 香港青年芭蕾舞專業訓練中心聯合創辦人

  • 香港青年芭蕾舞劇團主席

  • 亞洲國際芭蕾舞大賽董事總監

  • 香港城市合唱團榮譽顧問

  • 女高音歌唱家

Message from Co-founder 聯合創辦人寄語

"Classical music and ballet transformed my inner world and let me appreciate the beauty of outer world around me. I had the privilege to learn ballet as a child from Madame NG Sheung Ha, and was later trained by the renowned maestro Mr. TAN Bing-rou in Shanghai as an operatic soprano. I hope to give more to the young generation.

I met the team of amazing teachers, SO Hon Wah, Eriko OCHIAI, Ayako FUJIOKA, Mike WANG, at L'Ecole de Jeune Ballet in 2012 and admired their passion in artistry.  Their performances produced by Youth Ballet of Asia were of professional standard. 

Therefore I built Hong Kong Youth Ballet Academy in 2015 and founded Hong Kong Youth Ballet (A charity ballet company) with SO Hon Wah, in order for his team to continue their high quality artistic education and creations.

It has been a very rewarding journey to see the young and talented students turned into beautiful dancers.

古典音樂和芭蕾舞劇改變了我的內心世界,讓我學會欣賞周圍世界的美麗。 我有幸於童年跟隨吳湘霞老師學習芭蕾舞,並於上海接受譚冰若教授訓練成為歐洲歌劇女高音。 我希望能年紀的一代可以學得更多。

我在2012年於專業青少年芭蕾舞學校(EJB)認識到一班傑出老師團隊,包括蘇漢華、落合恵利子、藤罔綾子、王泳,並欽佩他們對藝術的熱情。 他們以亞洲青年芭蕾舞團創作的表演極具專業水準。




~ Virginia Bing 尹冰