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Ballet Classes For All Ages

At HKYBA, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality ballet education to students of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are just starting or looking to take your skills to the next level, we have a program that is right for you. See our classes and enroll today!

Pre-Training Programs
HKYBA - Children Ballet Course
Pre-Training Programs
Children Ballet Course

Suitable for 3-6 years old. This class is specifically designed to provide safe and appropriate foundational training in dance, and prepare your child for the next time your child progresses into our school's Junior Ballet Intensive Program. In addition to providing appropriate and motivating inspiration for children, the course content also improves the concentration of brain thinking and physical coordination and also makes children realize that goals are achieved through hard work and self-discipline.

Semi-Pro Training Programs

Suitable for 7-19 years old. Semi-Pro Training sessions are planned and coordinated by a team of experienced dance artists and educators. The training focuses on inspiring and developing students' dance potential, discovering and strengthening students' dance talents, and cultivating them to become a new generation of dance artists. Training covers classical variation training, repertoire training, and contemporary dance training. Selected students will represent our academy to participate in local or oversea dance competitions.

Training registration needs to meet the class age requirements and pass the audition and interview assessment.

Semi-Pro Training Programs
HKYBA - Semi-Pro Training Programs
Pro Training Programs
HKYBA - Pro Training Programs
Pro Training Programs

Elite training program for students who wish to become professional dancers suitable for 13-19 years old. Pro Training sessions are planned and coordinated by a team of experienced dance artists and dance education experts. The course not only effectively stimulates and develops students' dance potential, but also pays more attention to cultivating students' unique dance talents, and guides students on how to scientifically and reasonably analyze their conditions and abilities, to strengthen themselves and become a greater advantage. The course will also provide multi-line development counseling and training for individual students, including professional ballet dancer, dance teaching, choreography, overseas study counseling, and employment psychological preparation, etc., to prepare for professional dancers or dance-related careers.

Passing the assessment required
Beginner Ballet Programs
Beginner Ballet Programs

We think ballet is a terrific way to remain in shape, and the basic ballet courses at Hong Kong Youth Ballet Academy offer an excellent workout based on classical skills. Ballet is the finest way for kids and even adults who have never danced before to be flexible and healthy. In addition, you can develop your artistic abilities, reduce tension, and gain confidence.

Youth Beginner aged 7-14 years old

Adult Beginner aged 15 or above

HKYBA Adult Class
RAD Examination
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The Royal Academy of Dance Examination

Our program offers a range of elective courses for students, including the opportunity to obtain the highly-regarded Royal Academy of Dance Certificate. With our program, your child can explore their interests and develop their skills in a supportive and engaging environment. us today to give child the chance to excel.

Exams Level Provided

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced 1

  • Advanced 2

RAD examinations are exclusively available to existing students.

Summer School
Emily Wilson
Summer Open Courses
Intensive Training

HKYBA 2024 summer training will be held in July 2024 for five days, providing professional courses to stimulate your dance potential. Students worldwide take intensive courses and experience instruction from the HKYBA artistic team and world-class guest faculty. 


The course is available for five days of intensive training, participants will receive a HKYBA Summer Training Certificate after completing all the classes.


Students aged 3-23 years old on 1st August 2024

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